Zohrab Tadevosyan



"There are many extraordinary instrumentalists, however not many musicians-artists. The art of pedagogy consists in helping the instrumentalist to fuse his inner voice with his external voice in order to reach that magical instant when music rises, the pure and honest music we carry inside our soul, because not everything that sounds is music" 
Zohrab Tadevosyan

"Mr Zohrab Tadevosyan played under my direction recently. I am convinced that Mr Tadevosyan will be able to pass on a lot of his knowledge and experience to other musicians and I wish him the very best for his future"  

Zubin Mehta

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"I know Zohrab Tadevosyan for many years as an exceptional talented musician and perfect violinist. He is very artistic and has great success among audience. There are numerous solo and chamber compositions in his repertoire as well as Zohrab Tadevosyan is excellent in pedagogy. In whole he is a true artist"  

Zakhar Bron

"I can without doubt recommend Mr. Zohrab Tadevosyan for pedagogic or teaching activity of any scope and assure that he will serve for great benefit of any institution"  

Ana Chumachenco

Zohrab Tadevosyan